Sinus pain and congestion are making you miserable

Your symptoms seem unending, and treatments haven’t worked. Is there something you can do?

I need relief

Find relief that lasts

Your pain keeps coming back. You’ve tried treatment after treatment without relief. The good news is lasting relief is available for your sinus or allergies.

At Gulf Coast Breathe Free, we offer treatments for the underlying conditions of common sinus pains that our patients deal with. Providing long-term relief when other forms of treatment aren’t getting the job done.

Millions have found relief with Balloon Sinuplasty

No matter what you do, your chronic sinus pain and congestion keep coming back. Balloon Sinuplasty has provided permanent relief to millions of patients nationwide.

i am ready to breathe again!
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Getting relief from allergies has never been easier

Allergies have a way of controlling life. From keeping you from going outside certain parts of the year to preventing you from doing the things you love. Allergy drops may help you find relief.

About allergy drops

Your symptoms may be worse than you realize

Don’t downplay the effect your symptoms are having on your life. Sinus pain symptoms may be making your life more difficult than you realize.

How are my symptoms impacting me?
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Dr. Matthew Blair

Dr. Matthew Blair is focused on treating all types of sinus and allergy related issues. He understands that the sinuses can be a complicated system, so he stays up to date on all sinus and allergy innovations.
From sinus infections to allergy treatment, he understands that he must listen to his patient’s needs to diagnose and treat them successfully.
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Why Choose Gulf Coast Breathe Free?

We love what we do!

Gulf Coast Breathe Free’s mission is to provide our patients with safe, effective, and affordable sinus and allergy health solutions. We stay up to date with all the best technologies to break down any of the treatment barriers our patients may face. We offer minimally invasive solutions that allow our patients to save money, heal quickly, and get back to the life they want and deserve.

Dr. Blair and the team at Gulf Coast Breathe Free listen to and guide each patient through the decision-making process. Our specialist ENT treatment plans address the goals and needs of each patient so they can get the best treatment possible.

Gulf Coast Breathe Free Sinus and Allergy Centers is here to assist you in achieving lasting relief from your FL ENT, sinus, and allergy conditions.

i am ready to breathe again!

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

"You’ll have a hard time finding a better ENT in the area."

"Dr. Blair provided excellent care and was very good at answering all of my questions. I had a balloon procedure done and I couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better. I highly recommend Dr. Blair for any ENT issues you experience."

"Excellent Care"

"Dr. Blair provides excellent care and takes time to answer all questions. You’ll have a hard time finding a better ENT in the area"