Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year and if you're one of them, then you know how painful allergy symptoms can be. Symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, cough, and breathing problems can cause life to slow down and lead to fatigue. The good news is that medications can control these symptoms. However, they can't treat the underlying causes of the allergies.

Immunotherapy or allergy drops are one of the best ways to retrain your body’s immune system to control the cause of your allergies. Lasting allergy treatment is safe, affordable, and available in the form of allergy drops.

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Immunotherapy options available at our clinic

Immunotherapy Options

Immunotherapy has been used to treat allergies for over a century. Immunotherapy works by slowly exposing the immune system to your allergens to get the body used to them. This causes the body to learn to respond to your allergens in a normal way.

Your immunotherapy treatment plan will be fully customized and will be developed based on your test results and medical profile. The two types of immunotherapy include allergy shots and allergy drops. Both are safe, effective, and provide long-term relief.

  • Allergy Shots - these shots are administered in the doctor’s office and contain a small amount of your allergens
  • Allergy Drops - a more convenient alternative to allergy shots. Drops are placed under your tongue and can be done from wherever you are at your convenience.

There are currently no shots or drops for food allergies. However, allergy drops and shots are safe and effective for most allergy problems.

Which is More Effective: Allergy Drops or Shots?

Both allergy drops and shots are effective, and the most effective treatment depends on your unique needs. Our team at Gulf Coast Breathe Free can answer all your questions and help you choose a treatment plan that is right for you.

More patients are reporting higher levels of satisfaction with allergy drops as they become more widely available. They report they enjoy the freedom that allergy drops give them. Some benefits of choosing allergy drops include:

  • You can administer them wherever
  • You choose the time that works best for you
  • No shots or needles
  • Weekly doctor’s visits will not ruin your schedule
  • You will find lasting relief from your allergies
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Allergy Drops Put YOU in Control of Your Allergy Treatment

While medications will allow you to control the symptoms of your allergies short term, the best way to control your allergy symptoms long-term is to get to the cause of the problem. Allergy drops do just that. They allow you to control your treatment plan and work to reduce or eliminate the severity of your allergies. As allergy drops work to retrain your immune system, you will see overall improvement of your symptoms.

Allergy shots are just as effective as drops but allergy drops help to remove barriers that allergy shots may cause. With allergy drops you will experience:

  • Comfort - no needles are required because you will just be placing a small drop under your tongue to administer the solution
  • Convenience - no more missing work because you can administer the drops on your own time
  • Cost - allergy drops cost is comparable to shots. Where you get added benefits is with the time you save on traveling to doctors visits, transportation costs, and loss of work time.

Stop scheduling life around your allergies. Allergy drops can break down all the barriers blocking your way to a life free from allergy symptoms.

Gulf Coast Breathe Free Can Help You Say Goodbye to Allergies

Your allergies are unique to you and need to be treated by a professional. At Gulf Coast Breathe Free we have the skills and knowledge to help create a treatment plan that will work for you. Our board-certified professionals are experts at performing comprehensive allergy testing and treatment.

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