Sinus Infection Treatment and Causes

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An infection of the sinus cavities, known as sinusitis, can put a damper on life. A sinus infection can make it difficult to do anything from daily tasks to enjoying an evening out. Experiencing symptoms like congestion, headaches, nasal drip, and facial pain can even take a toll on our physical and mental health. It's time to take back control of your life and finally feel relief from your sinus issues.

It doesn't matter if you suffer from chronic sinus issues or just one sinus infection a year; Gulf Coast Breathe Free can help you take back control.

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Sinus Infection Causes

The sinus cavities are the air-filled spaces in the face that are located around the nose and eyes. They play an important role in both your respiratory and immune systems. They help you breathe by regulating humidity and keep you safe by filtering substances like dust and germs.

The sinus cavities help to keep you from getting sick by trapping substances in mucus and then draining them out of the body. Sometimes, when the body traps substances like bacteria, viruses, or fungi in the mucus it can react with swelling. When these substances cause the sinus cavities to swell the mucus cannot drain normally and this is when an infection can develop. Other conditions like a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or allergies can also make it hard for mucus to drain and lead to more frequent infections.

When left untreated, sinus infections have the potential to turn into a more serious issue. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you should schedule an appointment to be evaluated for sinusitis.


  • Postnasal Drip - Mucus running from the back of the nose into the throat
  • Nasal Discharge - Green or yellow mucus draining from the nose
  • Congestion - Swollen nasal passages that make it hard to breathe and cause a stuffy nose
  • Fatigue - Being tired due to not sleeping well because of sinus pain and congestion
  • Facial Pain - Pain around the eyes, nose, jaw, teeth, and headaches
  • Swelling - Painful or sensitive inflammation around the top of the nose or eyes
  • Other Symptoms - you may experience other symptoms like coughing, fever, or bad breath
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Your infection will be unique to you which means that your sinus symptoms will also be unique. Your symptoms may be unique because they can be impacted by other things like allergies, colds, infections, or viruses. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment from an ENT professional.

At Gulf Coast Breathe Free our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to understand your symptoms and work with you to diagnose and treat your unique sinus infection.

Your sinus issues may be impacting your life more than you realize.

If you have been dealing with symptoms for so long that you just treat them like another fact of life, we can help. Find out if you are suffering from chronic sinusitis by taking our quiz.

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Sinusitis Treatment

Sinus infection symptoms are usually easy to recognize and symptom management is an important part of treatment. However, if you are dealing with chronic infections several times a year it may be time to look at treating the underlying causes, not just the infection itself. At Gulf Coast Breathe Free we can help to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will help to conquer the underlying causes of your infections. The treatment plan may include one of or several of the following:

Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

Home remedies can help to control symptoms in patients that don't typically suffer from severe infections. Natural remedies focus on reducing swelling so that the nasal passages can drain and heal. Home remedies are not without risk and should be done under a doctor’s supervision. Some home remedies that may be added to your treatment plan include:

  • Hydrating - The body works best when it is well hydrated so drinking plenty of water can help it heal.
  • Steam and Mist - Humidifiers, when used properly, can help reduce swelling, break up nasal blockages, and promote natural drainage.
  • Sinus Rinse or Neti Pot - This is a popular technique in which a saline solution is used to rinse the sinus cavities. While neti pots can help, it is important to follow all manufacturer's guidelines so that there are no injuries.
Steam remedy for sinus problems

Sinus Medications

Sinus medications are a good tool for rapidly controlling symptoms and managing an infection. Some medications will directly work to reduce infection, and some will just help reduce inflammation. Some medications that may be included in your treatment plan include:

  • Antibiotics - antibiotics are an extremely effective short-term solution to bacterial infections. They will not help solve infections caused by viruses or fungi. They are also not recommended as a long-term solution for chronic sinus infections.
  • Decongestants - Decongestants come in the form of sprays, pills, or liquid solutions. They work to reduce swelling to restore natural mucus flow. They are a good short-term solution but using them long-term carries additional risks.
  • Corticosteroids - These also come in pill or spray form and help to reduce swelling. Some steroids are short-term while others are safe to use long-term to reduce symptoms and infections.

Traditional Sinus Surgery

Traditional sinus surgeries may be a good long-term solution for people with physical problems that are causing their chronic sinus infections. These problems include:

  • Deviated Septum - This is when the cartilage that separates the nose into two passages is moved to one side.
  • Closed Passages - Caused by issues including bones or tissues in the nose.
  • Nasal Polyps - Soft growths that are inside the nose. They can block mucus from draining and cause an increased rate of infections.

Sinus surgery involves the removal of bone and tissue to open the nasal passages. Surgery is done in a hospital and involves a long recovery time. You may be a candidate for a better solution.

Balloon Sinuplasty: A Successful Alternative to Surgery

Balloon sinuplasty is a long-term treatment that does not involve the costs or risks of traditional surgery. This treatment has been around for 15 years and has helped more than a half million patients. This treatment has a success rate of 95% and is very safe; because of this, it is covered by most insurances.

During the procedure, a tiny balloon is inserted into your nasal passage. It is then inflated and removed so that the sinuses can drain once again. You will experience almost immediate relief and will not have to go under anesthesia or deal with a lengthy recovery.

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Gulf Coast Breathe Free Can Provide You With a Custom Sinus Infection Treatment Plan

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