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Sinus Headaches: Treatment, Symptoms & Causes

What Is Facial Pressure?

Facial pressure is a term used to describe an unpleasant feeling in your face, usually on one side or both sides. It may feel like something pressing against your skin, such as when someone presses their hand into your cheek. You might also experience it if there are objects that press against your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, etc.

What Role Can The Sinuses Play With Facial Pressure?

The role of the sinuses in facial pressure can be quite complex. For example, if you have nasal congestion, then this will cause increased airflow through the nostrils which increases the amount of negative pressure inside the sinuses. This means that more mucous flows out of the sinuses and accumulates around them. If these areas become blocked up by excess mucous they will start to exert pressure onto surrounding structures causing pain and discomfort.

How To Relieve Facial Sinus Pressure

There are many ways to relieve facial pressure including:

∙ Medication - Medications for treating sinus problems include decongestants and antihistamines. These medications work well at relieving symptoms but do not treat underlying causes. They should only be taken short-term until the problem resolves itself naturally. Longer use could lead to rebound headaches.

∙ Oral Steroid Inhalers - Oral steroid inhalers contain corticosteroids that help reduce inflammation within the body. When inhaled, steroids act quickly and directly on the affected area without passing through the digestive system first. However, oral steroids cannot penetrate deep enough to reach the sinuses so they must be applied topically.

∙ Topical Ointments/Gels - Topical ointment or gel treatments provide relief from localized swelling and irritation caused by allergies and cold sores. Some topical products contain ingredients designed specifically to ease sinus pressure.

∙ Nasal Decongestant Spray - A spray containing saline solution helps clear blockages in the nasal passages. Saline solutions are often recommended because they don't irritate sensitive tissues.

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When to Schedule Your Appointment with Gulf Coast Breathe Free

Check in with Dr. Blair if you have nasal congestion and sinus pressure for more than 7 days. Make the call sooner if your symptoms are severe.